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ROH Giselle 2020

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Giselle is among the most famous ballets of the Romantic era – it transformed the dance world when it was first performed in Paris in 1841, and remains at the centre of the classical repertory. Telling the tale of the titular Giselle from early love to a poignant descent into madness (and a final gesture of forgiveness from beyond the grave) the first act is filled with historical detail and rustic colour, and by contrast, the second, ‘white’ act plunges the audience into an eerie, haunted moonlit forest. With its combination of memorable story and exquisite choreography, Giselle is the perfect way to discover classical ballet. Peter Wright’s production for The Royal Ballet is based on Marius Petipa’s classic version (after the original 1841 choreography by Jules Perrot and Jean Coralli).

The Royal Ballet - Recorded 2016

Running time: About 2 hours 15 minutes, including one interval

Starring: Marianela Nunez, Vadim Muntagirov

Choreography: Marius Petipa after Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot

Production: Peter Wright